A Cosmic Journey

Dr. Vinod Tewary


A bright baby beam of light
on a long flight
from a distant galaxy,
left for earth on a cosmic journey.

She passed near Ursa Major,
a septulet of Brahmans called Sapta-rishi,
and a faint star with a saintly charm,
called Arundhati.

Am I a Brahman? She asked.
"Yes, if you seek the truth
or help its exploration"
said Arundhati.

"Will I perish?" the beam wondered.
"No, you never perish.
You only change
to another form of energy."
Who said that? Asked the beam.
"Lord Krishna and Einstein,
at different points in space and time."
That is relativity.

The baby beam
fell on a telescope on earth.
A scientist shouted with joy
"I discovered a new galaxy."

The baby beam was lost in the lens.
Perished, but not really.
She was transformed
from light to another energy.
But she helped a discovery.

The truth regarding a new galaxy.
And thus attained Brahmanatva,
at the end of her cosmic journey.