Brahmans and Associations

(From Brahmin Today February 2007 page 11)

by R. Vytheeswaran

It is not known, whether there is any community, big or small, having so much associations and organizations, like brahman community. There functions, hundreds and hundreds of associations for a comparatively tiny community in number. Why it is so. How it is not simply possible to have one big organization, at least for a single language speaking Brahman people. Is it not a mere dream, to visualize a common platform, on which every Brahman will have a place to stand and a chance to speak. Will it be too much to ask, for a unity among Brahmans, between rich and poor, south and north and the learned and layman. These are the thoughts that came to our mind, the set of questions that arose and the anxiety we felt, during our return journey after attending the meeting, sponsored by World Brahman Federation in Ahmedabad. This meeting, arranged by the Western Indian Chapter of WBF, was unique in more than one way. It was held in a spacious bungalow of Mr. G.H. Pathak, who was kind enough to arrange accommodation, food and other formalities for the delegates came from all over India.

Mr. Nirmal Choubey, President of WBF, true to his name, is a fine “nirmal” gentleman devoid of any obsession and obscurity, and makes a fine blend of charming personality and pleasing manners. Other speakers in the dais were, also men of repute, like Mr. M.R. Sharma, WBF India President from Delhi, Mr. Goswami, a young Supreme Court lawyer, a Jagat Guru Swamigal, who took sanyasam, not out of charms or compulsion but after a clear and firm decision, after proving and had been a successful businessman making a turnover of Rs.50 crores. The meeting was successful, at least from the angle of sponsors. Spirited and emotional speeches were at galore. Garlands, mmmentos, dinner; nothing was in short. It was a curtain raiser for the forthcoming WBF conference to be held in New Jersey on 6th, 7th July & 8th, 2007. Mr. Nirmal spoke of the commitments the federation is having towards the upliftment of Brahman community.

Two things struck us. The first and foremost is the medium of the conference. The lingo of speaker after speaker was chaste Hindi (including the editor of Brahmin Today) with the sole exception of the President who pleaded his inability to speak Hindi in public due to a long stay in U.S. Why nobody spoke in Gujarati, taking into consideration the simple fact that the meeting was held in the capital of Gujarat and attended by more than hundred local people. The second thing that struck us, was the poor awareness, that the meeting evoked with the local Brahman associations. Why no local leader thought it as his duty to attend the meeting?

The reason for the dominance of chaste Hindi was obvious. The meeting was organized by a “ Kanya-Kubj Brahman and attended mostly from that sect. They speak Hindi at Home wherever they live. It was more of a sectarian meeting than a meeting of W.B.F or it seemed to us so. The reasons for the second thing are not simple to put it in few sentences. Why Brahmans behave in this manner? A Brahman is a paradox. He is the combination of two extreme and opposite nature. One-way, he thinks and acts in a very broader prospective. He says “ Vasudeva Kudambakam” the whole World is one family. He prays for the complete mankind “Sarvajono Sukinao Bavanthu. The other side of a Brahman is too narrow, limited restricted. He cares very much for his sect only, could not come out of its clutches and go beyond the border. He is not, like other community people, a go-go, will-do person. A Brahman cannot be bought down for a price, brought up in a composite culture, or thrown away from the main stream. He should be convinced to the core, of the rules of play before the play starts.

‘Brahmin Today’ understands and admits this unique character of our community. That is why our motto is “common Brahman identity without loosing ones own symbol”. Truly “Unity in Diversity”. we do not want to be dogmatic, adamant, and arrogant in any topic pertain to our community. Our target, goal and aim is simple and single. Keep Brahman identity without hurting any body. Be a Brahman without any superiority complex or false pride. You can be Brahmim, caring for the whole world, and at the same time true to your sect and province. As long as there is no enmity and suppression, there is nothing wrong to have a number of organizations for the Brahmans. Any service done to a person of a particular sect is ultimately a part of a service rendered to the Brahman community. Water poured to the leaves will reach the root albeit slowly. W.B.F is a parental organization enriching with such ideas trying to offer a broader platform. Readers, who are intersted to know more about WBF may visit the site.
Message from the author: I am also interested in offering a job opportunity in my organization for poor Brahmans who are in dire need. I am representing some companies from Europe and USA for the Indian operations and I am based in Chennai. This can be circulated to all members so that they can refer the details of the poor needy Brahmans. Please contact me at: 91- 984-278-4944 (mobile).