It is just me

(Vinod Tewary)

    Finally, it is only me. Whatever faults you have discovered on the site are mine. If you found anything good, it is because of the excellence and the dedication of the WBF team, and in particular, the inspiring leadership of Mr. Nirmalendu Choubey.

To introduce myself, I am a Physicist at Boulder, CO.  Physics has treated me kindly with some prestigious research awards like the Pride of India Award, Colorado Multicultural Award, the US Govt. Bronze Medal Award, and the recent (July 2K4) Eric Reissner Medal. It has been my privilege to make occasional contributions to the WBF such as editing the Eko'hum and this web site. 

Occasionally I also pretend to be a poet. It seems to work since I have several poems published and released on CD. Check out my poetry website for an excellent collection of classic and modern Hindi poetry:

I am originally from Hardoi, UP. My wife Sharad is from Allahabad. We live in Boulder, Colorado. We have two daughters- Kanupriya and Anuranjita- both happily married. If you are still curious and want to know even more about me, then I have to quote the following 

Tum kyaa karoge sun kar, mujhse mere fasaane.
Be-lutf zindagee ke  qisse hain pheeke, pheeke.

***Enjoy your visit to the WBF web site.***