Profile of Sailesh Mishra

Sailesh Mishra is a dynamic  young member of the WBF. Born in Chennai (Madras) and a native of Ballia, Uttar Pradesh,  Sailesh brings together a unique combination of North Indian and South Indian languages and cultures. He holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from University of Madras , India and a Masters degree in Computer Science from Clemson University, SC, USA.  Presently he is an IT consultant for  Fortune-100 companies in Dallas, Texas and his areas of expertise include Databases, Datawarehousing and Business Intelligence. He  also serves as the Director of Acura Technologies Pvt Ltd (ATPL), an IT solutions company based in Chennai, India.

Sailesh Mishra was inducted into the Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) National Leadership Honor society for excellence in leadership and effecting policy changes during his tenure as an Executive officer in the Graduate Student Government at Clemson University.  He is also the founder president of Bhojpuri Association of North America (BANA).  Sailesh is a contributing editor of Brahmodaya, the WBF souvenir magazine usually released at the annual convention. His hobbies include writing poetry, hindustani classical music, painting and astrology.  His favorite number is 9.