Ashok Trivedi 

Role Model for young entrepreneurs 

Mr. and Mrs. Ashok Trivedi

(Compiled from various sources by Sanjay Tripathi)

Ashok Trivedi is considered to be a role model for the youth. He is polite, modest, and radiates brilliance. He symbolizes the success of scientific approach in the contemporary corporate world. 

Ashok Trivedi is the Chairman of IGATE Global Solutions. Ashok recognized the role technology would play in the creation of a "global marketplace." He was instrumental in making iGATE Corporation a $293 million company, in 2002, with a presence in 15 countries around the world. Prior to iGATE, Ashok served as the President and Co-Founder of Mastech Corporation, a global provider of high-value information technology services and solutions.  His vision guided the development and execution of Mastech's worldwide strategy - to offer high-value IT consulting skills anywhere in the world, reflecting cultural and economical differences, while adhering to best practices and shared company values. Under his leadership, Mastech grew to over $500 Million in revenues and over $1 Billion in market capitalization. Mastech was listed four times in Inc. magazine's ranking of the fastest-growing companies in the US. 

Ashok has received Entrepreneur of the Year honors from Ernst & Young, Inc. magazine, the Pittsburgh Venture Capital Association, the American Society of Engineers of India Origin, the Association of Indians in America, and Robert Morris College. Ashok holds a Master's of Business Administration from Ohio University as well as Masters and Bachelors degrees in
Physics from Delhi University in India. He has also attended the Owner/President Management Program at the Harvard Business School.

A writer Mr. Vivek Sharma is his article mentioned Ashok Trivedi as “The Digital Messiah.”   Another writer wrote:
”When history writes of India's software serendipity,  no one will forget Mr. Trivedi and his Mastech was  among the first to exploit the 'outsourcing' wisdom  that is now followed by hundreds of success stories  all over Bangalore and India.”