Anoop Bhargava

rajni_anoop.JPG (14181 bytes)   Rajni and Anoop Bhargava  (Click the photo for a detailed view)

Anoop Bhargava is an Information Technology Consultant at Lucent Technologies, NJ. Anoop was born in Rajasthan where he did his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani. He did his Masters in Systems & Management at the I.I.T. Delhi. He is married to Rajni Bhargava. They have two wonderful children Anubhav and Kanupriya. Presently they live in Plainsboro, NJ. Anoop's hobbies are Poetry, Bridge, and Music. Rajni and Anoop have been active members of the community for several years. Anoop is the editor of Brahmodaya, the WBF souvenir magazine usually released at the annual convention. Rajni is responsible for organizing cultural programs at the conventions.