Reorganization of the WBF- Message from the President

Message to all committee members (Members of EC, BOT, Area Coordination Committee, Convention Management Committee):

The interim constitution (Intcon) which has been reviewed by the founding trustees, EC members and BOT members residing in North America is attached. As founding president I have decided to accept it. Please note that this is an interim constitution and I will soon appoint a constitution committee that will write the final constitution.

I take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work to serve the Brahman community world wide, and you have already made a difference. I intend to invite every one of you to either continue with the responsibilities that you have undertaken or wish to

As I implement the requirements of Intcon I look forward to your continued support. I fully intend to honor the commitments that WBF has made thus far to any person or group or institution, and I believe that the Intcon will allow me to do that. The coming WBC 2005 and the WBF Annual convention is certainly on top of my mind. I expect the new organization will be up and ready to meet the challenges that lie ahead by January 1, 2005, as stipulated by Intcon.

In order to put this Intcon in effect, as founding president, I dissolve the present EC, BOT and any other position that any one is holding.

Again, as founding president, I adopt the Intcon. This Intcon will be reviewed and voted on by the new EC according to section 22 subsection v. Click below for the Intcon.

Interim Constitution

Thank you again


Message to members of the new President's Counsel

First a grand welcome. I am very pleased that you have
committed to serve the Brahman community as a member
of President's Counsel (PC) under my leadership as WBF
President. I am thankful to you for placing trust in
me. I promise to do my best to remain worthy of this
trust. As we embark on this journey, we are going to
face many challenges. Some of these challenges could
shake our faith in the Hinduism and commitment to
Brahmanism. I can assure you that we can face them all
squarely, if we keep our eyes and ears open, and keep
head above our shoulders. What we are trying to do,
has not been done before. We never had such a highly
educated Brahman community outside India in such
large numbers, and also well to do. The challenges
that our children face today have never been greater
whether they live within or outside India. We can not
afford to fail.

Thank you