WBF Picnic Summer 2013

( Message from the President WBF)

The wait is almost over. On Aug 11, we shall have our picnic that we have been waiting for since we attended the last one a year ago. We have a great program for all age groups that is focused on knowledge and enjoying every moment of it.

Those of you who have registered already, you do not need to do anything but show up.

If you have not registered yet, it is not too late. Please register today. There are several ways to register. The simplest is to write an email to nirmal_choubey@yahoo.com.  Several people have already done that from the last email that I sent out on the Brahman group. There is no need for them to do it again. The second path is to respond to an evite invitation if you receive one. If you want to be on the evite list, please write to Shambhu Pandey (p_shambu@yahoo.com). The third way is to call any one whose name and phone number you see on the flyer. Of course you can always call me at the phone number given below.

The attached flyer (click here) provides detailed information on the picnic. Due to a grand success last year, we have brought it again for the benefit of the community, particularly our children. We have a great program spearheaded by stalwarts such as Dr. M G Prasad, Dr. Rabinder Koul, Dr. Dathatri, and Mr. Anoop Bhargava. We shall also have a great family oriented sports program as well as a delicious food. There will be lots of corn freshly picked from the field nearby. 

For details please click here: Picnic Flyer


See you all there.

Nirmal Choubey

President, WBF

Phone: 609-792-5927


(on behalf of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter)