Picnic on Saturday, August 18, 2012


Picnic Flier- click to view and download

Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the World Brahman Federation announces the hosting of a picnic on Saturday, August 18 starting at 11AM in the morning and finishing at 5 PM. For this purpose, the picturesque all weather Mercer Park West has been reserved. This is part of the Great Mercer County Park System.  This is a shaded area with a lot of sports related facilities that is suitable for all age groups. There will be a special program for children.

The entrance fees for this event for both members and non-members will be $10 per adult and $30 per family with children 13 years old and under free. This will cover for all the food and non-alcoholic beverages that we shall provide during the course of the day. Additional donations are always welcome.

Please contact the following officials to register yourself for the event and obtain answers to any questions that you may have:

Mr. Shambhu Pandey (Chapter President): p_shambhu@yahoo.com; 201-621-2762

Mr. Chetan Sharma (Chapter Vice President): meetchetan@gmail.com; 585-771-0234

Mr. Nirmal Choubey (WBF President): nirmal_choubey@yahoo.com ; 609-792-5927

Mr. Anoop Bhargava: anoop_bhargava@yahoo.com; 609-275-1968;

This announcement will also be put on our web site www.brahmanworld.org

Every WBF Member living in the Eastern Region (Boston to Washington DC) within a 3-4 hour drive range is being requested to not only attend but also bring their Brahman friends and relatives with them.  This will be an unique opportunity for all of us to meet face to face.

Directions to Mercer County Park, West Windsor, NJ