Key Accomplishments of WBF During 2010

(Jan 2011)

Nirmalendu Choubey
President, WBF

WBF Life Membership Drive:    WBF thanks all those who became life members during the membership drive. The Life Membership Campaign that has grown 250% (from 39 to about 100) in just about 2 months is the most important and highly successful Initiative for WBF this year (2010). The first person to take the Life Membership is Mr. Mohan Pai of NJ and the oldest person is Dr. Uday Naval of NY who became a Life Member at the age of 89. God bless him and we pray that he lives another 89 years. Three members who went out of the way to help in the Life Membership Drive on the east coast are Dr. Yellespur Jayaram, Dr. Krishnamurthy Ramakrishna and Dr. Raya Halemane. The Mid-Atlantic Chapter that is head quartered in Princeton, NJ area now has 60 Life Members. This is no ordinary achievement by any standard. In the West, our Life Membership in California alone stands at 35. Most of the new members in the West are centered around the Capital Sacramento and the persons responsible for its success are Sri Abhayanand Maharaj (General secretary), Sri Madan Lal Sharma (Member Board of Directors) and Sri Vinod Sharma (Vice President). 

WBF Deepavali 2010:    Once again we celebrated Deepavali this year which was a highly successful and well attended function. Much to my surprise the event was carried out by TV Asia. There are several people who deserve credit for success but the most of it goes to Dr. MG Prasad who was the priest as well as the keynote speaker. His method of engaging children throughout was something worth watching and words can not describe it well. Credit also goes to Sri Anoop Bhargava who arranged the whole thing including a Kavi Sammelan with poet Manoj Kumar 'Manoj' from India. Smt Champa Sharma from India spoke on the meaning of Deepavali to various communities worldwide. The world famous Bharata Nrityam Artist Srimati Bala Devi Chandrashekar gave a talk on this occasion. Several families took care of the invitations, food arrangements etc, and they are Sri Virendra Nath Ojha, Sri Avai Tiwari, Sri Swami N. Ojha, Sri Atul Mishra, Sri Shambhu Pandey, Sri Sanjay Pathak, to name a few. 
WBF Matrimonial Program: Our Matrimonial program has come of age this year and next year we are hoping to take this to a much higher level with a web based system. Please stay tuned for further announcement on this topic.We are looking for ways to introduce prospective brides and grooms to each other and welcome any suggestion that you may have. Our children are facing enormous difficulty in this area and they need a helping hand.

WBF Yahoo Groups:    Our WBF World yahoo group has now become one of the largest of its kind thanks to the efforts of Sri Virendra Nath Ojha, and technical guidance of Sri Anoop Bhargava. Next year we hope to publish a directory, however, at this time the plan is to limit it to only those who are members of the WBF core group. In order to be a member of the core group one must be a WBF current member. 

WBF Educational Committee:    As promised, our Educational Committee has been working very hard to come up with the material that will be used as a guideline for parents to expose their children as to what is expected of them as a Brahmana, and what we need to do to instill in them those qualities. An interim report will be issued early next year. I thank members of this committee for their hard work. The committee members are: Dr. Ravi Chandrasekhara (Moderator), Prof. Ramanath Sharma, Dr. M G Prasad, Dr. Krishnamurthy Ramakrishna, Dr. Rathna P. Kasinadhuni, Dr. Mahesh P. Kasinadhuni, Dr. B V K Sastry, Dr. Raghavan Pratiwadi, Dr. Thirumala Raya Halemane, Dr. S. Anand Mishra, Mr. Prasad Bhargava, Dr. Rabinder Koul, Mr. Abhayanand Maharaj and Myself (exofficio).
Transfer of Leadership: As you are aware, it was in Summer that we faced a crisis when I was asked to become the caretaker president until the next election that is due in 2011. I thank both Mr. Kaushal Tripathi and Dr. Ranjana Pathak for a peaceful transfer of leadership and their help in strengthening the organization further. I am happy to say that we are fully on target for having the election in 2011 as planned. 
WBF Webpage: As you may have noticed, thanks to Dr. Vinod Tewary, our web page is now updated, however, we are still using the same technology as before. We are constantly looking for a webpage designer even though our efforts have not been successful thus far.

WBF India: WBF India has progressed under the leadership of Pt. Mange Ram Sharma who has been an Invited speaker at many Brahman functions throughout India. The most noted accomplishment is the promise of Bihar Chief Minister Sri Nitish Kumar to create a quota for the disadvantaged Brahmans, and now the appointment of Sri J N Trivedi, our leader in Bihar, as his Vice Chairman.

I take this opportunity to announce that I will be visiting India from January 18 to March 28 when I will thank our Indian leaders in person for their accomplishments. I will also be meeting Sri Dharani Dhar Trivedi to offer my condolence in person for the loss of his wife, and wish Sri R D Dixit a quick and full recovery from a stroke last year. Apart from Delhi, I will be visiting Bhopal, Patna, Varanasi, Kolkata, Buxar and my home town Sasaram. 

I thank every one for their support and pledge to continue working for the betterment of the Brahman community worldwide.


Nirmal Choubey
President, WBF

(Jan 2011)