(This promotion expired by the end of 2010)

Special Membership Promotion

Huge Discounts Offered 

Life-Membership Offered For As Little As $150

According to an announcement from the President, the Life Membership dues for the WBF are reduced from $250 to $200 with immediate effect.

This can be further reduced by up to $50 if a) any one has been a yearly member of either WBF or a similar organization or b) has attended WBF or any other similar organization world class conventions or c) both. So anyone who satisfies conditions (a) or (b) can become a life member for as little as $150. 

This offer is only available to the residents of North America and is valid until December 31, 2010.

So hurry up and fill out the membership form available for download at the home page. For any questions and help, please write to the President Mr Nirmal at  nirmal_choubey@yahoo.com or call him at (609) 324-1010 or (609) 792-5927.