Mid-term Reorganization of WBF Leadership

Due to personal and professional reasons, the President Mr. Kaushal Tripathi and the Executive Vice President Dr. Ranjana Pathak resigned on Sunday, August 1, 2010. They asked the founding President, Mr. Nirmal Choubey, to help in the reorganization of the WBF, which was endorsed unanimously by the executive committee yesterday. 

In deference to Mr Tripathi, Dr (Mrs) Pathak and the members of the EC, and his commitment for the welfare of the Brahman community, Mr. Choubey has agreed to to act as the President for the remaining period of the term of the current executive committee. The term of the current executive committee expires on December 31, 2011.

Both Mr. Tripathi and Dr. (Mrs) Pathak pledged their full and unconditional support to Mr Choubey and the WBF. They have agreed to join the Board of Directors. The President Mr. Nirmal Choubey thanked every one for their support and promised to take necessary steps to move the organization forward.

Mr Choubey, in his capacity as the President of the WBF and in accordance with the constitution, nominated Pt. Abhaya Maharaj for the position of General Secretary (GS). The nomination was unanimously confirmed by the Executive Committee. Pt. Abhaya Maharaj was a member of the Board of Directors (BOD). On confirmation as GS he resigned from the BOD position. Pt. Maharaj held the position of GS in the previous administration as well, and he is a Founding Member of the World Brahman Federation.