News Bulletin March-May 2K7

President in Toronto

Mr. Nirmal Choubey visited Toronto in April 2K7 where he was greeted enthusiastically by many Brahman families. Here are two glimpses. Click a photo for the full view:

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President in California- Mr. Nirmal Choubey is to visit California in March and April where he will address some Brahman meetings. He can be contacted by e-mail.                      

President's email

President meets representatives of the BSNY: Mr. Nirmal Choubey had a very productive meeting with Mr. Joshi and Mr Mehta who represented the BSNY (Brahmin Society of New York). Both Mr. Joshi and Mehta are past presidents of BSNY, and were sent by the current president, Mr. Vora, to talk to us. The meeting took place in Moghyl restaurant in Edison, NJ on Thursday, March the 22nd. BSNY is holding a convention in Crowne Plaza, Secaucus, on the Memorial Day. They are expecting 1500 attendees, all Brahmans. For details please log on their website

Mr. Choubey reiterated that the World Brahman Federation is an umbrella organization with individual membership, and fully dedicated to serving the Brahman community  worldwide. He said, "We are very much interested in declaring the linguistic divide to be a thing of the past. It is certainly not in the interest of the Brahman community of today. In that spirit, I invite your organization to name a person who will represent BSNY.  I am very thankful to Madhuji for arranging the meeting and hope that the Gujrati Brahman community in North America will have same level of commitment as his for the WBF."

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