Dr. M.G. Prasad Honored


It is a matter of great pleasure and pride for all of us that Dr. M.G. Prasad has been recognized with a 
prestigious professional award. The award was given by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers 
(ASME), a reputed professional society. Dr. Prasad is a member of the WBF Board of Directors and has 
actively participated in many WBF conventions, committees and other activites. 

Dr. Prasad received Student Section Advisor Award (District A) by American Society of Mechanical Engineers 
(ASME). The District A spans 13 eastern states, as well as District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico and the Virgin 
Islands. The award was given to Dr. Prasad for inspiring students to become leaders through their involvement 
in campus-wide activities, attendance at district level professional development conferences and continued 
involvement in ASME following graduation.

Mr Nirmal Choubey, President of the WBF, congratulated Dr. Prasad on behalf of the WBF in an announcement in the WBFWORLD group mailings.  Not only the WBF, but the whole community is honored with his award. Dr. Prasad, we are all proud of you.

June 2011