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1. This web site has been constructed for Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later. It will work with Netscape but the animation and form fill-out features may not be available. For example, the scrolling announcements, the wavy movement of the letters WBF, and the flying bird may not be seen by certain versions of Netscape. Internet explorer can be downloaded free from You can, of course, install both Netscape and internet explorer on your computer. 

2. The navigation structure is such that a page contains links to all the pages below it (child pages), all the pages parallel to it (companion pages), and the home page. Links to child pages are on the top of each page and links to companion pages are on the left margin. The margin also contains link to the home page. You can always use the back button on your browser to go to the previous page. The link to the current page will be highlighted in the margin.

3. Clicking the highlighted word e-mail below a person's name will open up your e-mail software to send e-mail to that person. Putting the mouse tip on the high lighted word should show the e-mail address of the person in your browser bar usually at the bottom. The e-mail addresses are not shown explicitly in order to avoid robots reading the addresses and sending Spam.

4. To see the full structure of the site, and for faster navigation, please click at the "Table of Contents". Start with the welcome page

5. Some files are in pdf format. They can be read and printed using the acrobat reader. The acrobat reader can be downloaded free from

6. The sounds file are either in MP3 or wav format. They can be played by one of the standard sound plug-ins such as the windows media player which can be downloaded free from For large files, the file size has been given. A 1 MB may take several minutes to download on a fast modem.

7. WBF-zine is a magazine for light reading. It will contain articles, stories, poems, jokes etc. contributed by the members.

8. News and literary items, and photographs of events of interest to WBF are invited from the members. Only electronic submissions can be accepted. 

9. Some pages on this site are still under construction.