WBF News - upto Nov 2008

Nov. 2008-WBF Election Schedule Announced

New Leadership to Start On Jan 1, 2009

According to an announcement by ESAC, the elections of the new office bearers of the WBF will be held in Dec. 2008. The new team is scheduled to take over the reins of the organization on Jan 1, 2009. More details will be announced soon at this site.

Election Guidelines supplied by the ESAC

Nov. 2008-ESAC Formed

Mr. Nirmal Choubey, the President, has announced the formation of the ESAC (Election Supervisory and Advisory Committee).  The committee consists of three members including the Chair. The ESAC has been charged with the responsibility of conducting and supervising the first elections of the WBF to elect the President and Cabinet Members.  

ESAC Members (Please click a name to read a brief intoduction): 

Dr. Ravi Chandrasekhara (Chair) email: vadhula@hotmail.com
Dr. Krishnamurthy Ramakrishna (Member) email: puttakrishna@verizon.net
Dr. Ramanath Sharma (Member) email: rama@hawaii.edu

Nov. 2008- Deepaavalee Celebrated with Great Enthusiasm

Deepaavalee, the festival of lights, was celebrated with great enthusiasm and religious and social activities at New Jersey on Nov. 26, 2008. The event was efficiently organized by  Mr. Anoop Bhargava and Dr. M G Prasad. Mr Nirmal Coubey, the President, expressed the gratitude of WBF to these individuals for giving their precious time to organize this event. 

Details of the event

Profile of Dr. Prasad

Profile of Mr. Anoop Bhargava