About the WBF

(Registered in the State of New York as a Not-For-Profit Corporation)

Mailing Address: 18 Fitzgerald Lane, Columbus, NJ, USA 0802 Telephone: 609.324.1010
Founder President: Nirmal Choubey

The World Brahman Federation is a cultural, educational, and religious organization of Brahmans. It is an international organization based in the north America with affiliated likeminded Brahman organizations all over the world. The WBF believes in the Brahman Vedic values and works for upliftment of all human beings. The WBF strongly  disapproves the evils of Hindu caste system and any form of discrimination. The main objective of the organization is to keep the children aware of the cultural, social, religious, and intellectual traditions of Brahmanism and make them useful members of the society and responsible citizens of the country where they live. Our motto is "Derive strength from the past and move forward towards the future."

The WBF is an evolving organization. The byelaws are being written and will be released when approved by the WBF. In the mean time an Interim Constitution has been written that will guide the initial operations and organization of the WBF. Please click the following link for downloading the Interim Constitution.

Interim Constitution of the WBF

The WBF organizes international and regional conventions.  The first international  convention was held at Valley Forge, PA in Y2K. The last international convention was held in New Delhi and Vrindavan (India) in Dec. 2K3.  It was a major event in which famous personalities from many countries participated. The first annual convention of the WBF was held on Aug 7 and 8, Y2K4 in New Jersey. The next convention is scheduled for July 8-9, Y2K6 at New Jersey. A convention is a family oriented event that is enjoyable as well as educative. Please click the links below for more information. 

Mr. Nirmal Choubey is the Founder-President of the WBF who went through tremendous personal efforts to bring together the Brahmans from all around the world and knit them into the common thread of a culture and tradition of which we are all proud. 

Interim Constitution of the WBF (pdf)

Initiatives taken by the WBF (pdf)

Membership application form (pdf)

Next Convention: Conv'06- scheduled for July 8-9, at New Jersey.  Click here for details.

Registration form for Conv-06 (pdf)

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