Women's Issues

by Ranjana Pathak

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Panel Members: Dr. Asha Sharma, Dr. Smita Siddhanti, Dr. Madhu Sharma, Mrs. Rajni Bhargwa, Dr. Suresh Kaushik

Did you know that there are over 78 websites on Google that deal with women's issues and I am sure if I looked further I would have found a few hundred more. The point is not to give you a trivial fact but to draw your attention to some of the issues that pertain specifically to women on a global level. Education, economic independence, health awareness, prostitution, inequality in the workplace, and balancing work and family life are just some of the issues that women have to deal with and manage, depending upon who they are, where they were born, what family they were born into, what religion they embrace (if they have the choice), and who they marry. There are many derivatives, permutations and combinations of these variables and the outcome could be a healthy peaceful life or one filled with misery hoping to be bailed out by the Government or a philanthropic organization. 

A woman of the 21st century could be serving in various roles and capacities that have a wide spectrum. For example she could be the Chairman of the Board, like Carol Ammon of Endo Pharmaceuticals or someone in Turkey who cannot get a job as a school Principal because she covers her head or a woman in India who has to put up with domestic violence everyday, or a woman in Argentina receiving an award for bravery and courage by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on International Women's Day on March 7th 2007 or the Leader of the Congress Party in India—Sonia Gandhi.

Women have been noted to be orchestrators and according to Business Week, are the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs between the years of 1997-2004 and they are doing this with less than 1% venture capital. 

The World Brahmin Federation has recognized that there are serious and legitimate women issues and has invited the Dr. Girija Vyas, Commissioner of the Indian Commission for Women's Issues to share the some of the salient features of the work being done in India and how this national organization is able to make a difference in the lives of women! Dr. Vyas is not only a senior Government official but is also well known as a poet.