Message from

Sanjay Tripathi

Convention Director

WBF North America Regional Convention

New Jersey 2006


It is a matter of great pride that New Jersey has the opportunity to host yet another convention of the World Brahman Federation. We expect this convention to be full of educational, cultural and social activities for brahmans of all ages.  Reputed brahmans from around the region will be here at this unique event to share their thoughts on the issues relevant to today’s brahmans around the world.  

Brahmans in the North America have cone a long way in organizing themselves but there is still a lot to do. This convention on the unique theme of “Sanatana Dharma in the New Millennium” will help create synergies amongst brahmans from various geographical & linguistic backgrounds which we hope will lead to an awareness of the need for unity.   

Organizing such events is an important step in educating our next generation in North America about their responsibilities in disseminating good cultural values to their fellow Americans. Interactive sessions focused exclusively on issues relevant to today’s youngsters and their potential solutions will be led by youth members themselves. In addition, discussions on entrepreneurship and health awareness will be conducted.  

As mankind continues to face new challenges around the globe, our contribution to the spread of cultural values becomes an even more important responsibility. I invite you to be a part of this initiative by participating in this convention with your family members. A number of fellow brahmans have put their effort in ensuring the success of this program and I want to thank each one of them for their dedication and support.