Conv-06 photos: the people

It is the people who raise an yearly event to the event of the year. Convention 2K6 was such an event.  Some glimpses of such people are given in the following three galleries. These are the people who made the WBF Convention 2K6 a grand success.

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Important note: It was announced at the convention that the photos taken at the convention may be displayed on the web unless the person in the photo or, in case of minors, his/her guardian had any objections. No objections have been received. However, if you still have any objection to the display of any photograph, either yours or your child's, please e-mail to the editor and we will remove that photograph as soon as possible. Please write the photo number and send a copy of the thumbnail photo for identification.

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Gallery 3

Gallery 4 (Photos taken by Mrinal Shukla)